Friday, May 3, 2013

April Days of Action Against Drones at Pohakuloa Training Area

Demonstrators from Malu'Aina came out on Sunday 4/28 to protest the use of drones at the Pohakuloa Military Training Area, where it is known that pilots are being trained to fly Shadow, Raven, and possibly other drone models as well. They were greeted by a Sergeant from the base who expressed sympathy for their message of peace.

Demonstrators protest the desecration of Pohakuloa
 by live fire military training.
As Jim Albertini of Malu' Aina reports: "The protest began with an opening Pule (prayer) and Oli (chant) ceremony of Ti-leaf blessing of the land and people by Kanaka Maoli women, Napua and Lia... We were blessed to have Kupuna “Uncle Sam” Kaleleiki, a 30-year Marine, retired Sergeant Major, join us. Uncle Sam is now with the Reinstated Lawful Government of the Kingdom of Hawaii.  He had a large plywood sign that read 'End U.S. occupation. '
Realistic Reaper Drone model makes explicit the murderous
 uses to which the military is putting these sacred Hawaiian grounds.
For 2 hours our group of 20 ( a good cross section and mix of all ages) stood opposite the main gate holding signs with a variety of messages: “Stop the Bombing,” “Shut Down PTA,” “Ground the Drones,” “Void the PTA Lease,” etc.  Messages also called for Testing for Depleted Uranium contamination.  We erected a large Hawaiian Flag on a bamboo pole topped with Ti-leaves  to hover above our protest and we placed peace flags along the highway 

There was a lot of support from passing cars."

This protest accompanied demonstrations around the country in bringing the
April Days of Action Against Drones to an end. GET INVOLVED INYOUR STATE!

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